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Radio is in your car, at the shops, online, at your workplace, its everywhere, making it the perfect media to deliver frequency and repetition.

With various radio stations designed to reach a very specific demographic, radio evokes emotions allowing you to align your brand with feelings listeners might experience when listening to the station they spend a lot of their time on.

UdoU can help you showcase your products and services across all the local radio brands that speak to your target audience because of our strong relationships with local suppliers. We offer competitive rates across the best rated stations, meaning less money wasted on stations less likely to yield results and a bigger presence on the stations where your target audience spend more of their time. Let's work together to build the perfect combination for you.

Stations include:


Designed to speak to all lovers of Rock and Classic Rock typically aged 18 - 45. One of the most entertaining stations in NZ, The Rock forms a strong emotional connection with its followers.                                              Get in touch with UdoU today and align your brand with The Rock today.

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Your destination for everything pop, culture and entertainment, The Edge reaches all listeners aged 16 - 45. The Edge plays the hottest hits all day

Playing all the hits its listeners grew up listening to, all day, The Breeze is sure to make lots of emotional connections with its audience all day, every day. The Breeze listeners are typically aged 35 - 60.

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Your local family station. More FM offers a great selection of local content and fantastic music. More FM listeners are typically aged 25 - 60

The home of Classic Rock, The Sound is sure to make an emotional connection with its listeners as they listen to the hits they have loved their entire lives. The Sound is typically loved by listeners aged 35 - 60.

The home of the hottest Hip Hop & RnB, Mai FM appeals to listeners aged 16 - 40. Mai FM listeners absolutely love the music and presenters they get to interact with daily.

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Magic Music

With Classic hits by artists such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Dolly Parton, to name a few, Magic Music makes magical connections with its listeners everyday.

Magic Talk

Talkback stations such as Magic Talk allows listeners to interact with announcers daily, stirring up many emotions as callers may or may not agree with the respective announcer opinions. Listeners are typically aged 35+. Align your brand with fantastic shows such as The AM Show and The afternoon drive with Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk.


Having a good understanding of your target audience and what each of the stations stand for is key to success in radio. Let UdoU help design the perfect strategy with regards to station mix, commercial frequency and creative.