Google ads

Google Ads BadgeUdoU is Google Ads certified!

Being an independent service provider we can take the time to work with you to gain a full understanding of your business and your digital marketing needs and goals. This allows us to provide a customised, cost effective Google advertising solution for your business. Our Google Ads management solutions provide targeting flexibility which allows you to reach your target audience.

Google Ads are a targeted, cost effective way to showcase your products and services directly to potential customers when they are online and ready to make a purchasing decision. By targeting specific keywords relevant to your business, search engines will display your advertising message to online searchers. A click on your advertisement then directs them to your website or to call you directly.

With Google Advertising you can track your results as well as know where your marketing dollars have been spent and exactly what results you have achieved. With Google being the world's largest search engine it is vital for your business to gain and maintain a strong presence on Google!

Google Ads search marketing specifically places your business in the top 4 positions on a Google search.


UdoU will set up, optimize, monitor and report on your Google Ads search campaign based on your unique business requirements. UdoU constantly works to ensure your Google Ads listings are appearing when your customers and potential customers are looking for you or your products and services online.


The Google display network is a very cost effective way for you to showcase your brand, special offer or message, thousands of times throughout the day to a large audience. Google display ads are targeted to specific audiences, across specific media platforms, website placements, topics and much more.

The UdoU team can create unique, eye catching ads for your Google display advertising campaign in order to optimise your advertising ROI.


Google Ads shopping is the answer! Shopping ads show users a photo of your product, a title and price as well as a shop name and more.
Want to effectively promote your retail products online?

You can increase the traffic to your website or your shop significantly with more qualified leads by using Google Ads Shopping.

UdoU can create a Google Shopping campaign showcasing your products on Google as well as Google partner websites  for potential customers to view. Because these potential customers have a better understanding of your product by the time they click on them and are directed to your site, they are more likely to transact. These are "hot" leads and are much more likely to transact.